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Cockatiel Care and Life Style

Date Added: May 26, 2012 05:10:31 AM
Category: Pets
Cockatiels are one of the most magnificent bird species in the world. Cockatiel birds can talk and whistle like the human beings. These kinds of pets are so interactive with humans. It is a wonderful pet for breeding. This pet is very active in day time and it needs 12 hours sleep at night time. Long time sleeping leads to your pet healthy. You should take care of your cockatiel healthy life. This article explains the importance of cockatiel care. Wide cages Cockatiel must very wide range of cages for sleep and climbing over the cages. Usually cockatiel species are so playful and needs comfortable place to live. The cages should 20 inches wide and height should be 28 inches for climbing and comfortable to stretch their wings. The cages should keep clean and each day we have to keep new food and fresh water, otherwise because of spoiled food yeast will generate and affect the cockatiel. Exercises for cockatiel After taking a long time sleep your pet need some mental exercises for mind relaxation and don’t keep your cockatiel in a cage itself left free from cages for two times a day. Cockatiel Fun Cockatiels are very interesting to play some games with in a cage itself. It’s so playful and crazy. Survival of cockatiel Normal life span of cockatiel is 20 to 25 years. Bathing Regular bath to keep your cockatiel clean. If your cockatiel is not given a bath at regularly then your cockatiel skin will scratch. They will look prettier after a clean bath. Pet food diet Rich nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables and fresh clean water should be a healthy part of your pet’s diet. All type of seed is preferable for getting vitamins and minerals. Dried beans and meat are very helpful for getting protein. Training courses for cockatiel Training is essential for talking and whistles as like a human. If your cockatiel is biting, after training they won’t bite. Training will keep mental relaxation for your pet. Most of the cockatiels are making loud sounds after taking training the cockatiel won’t make big noise. Behavior of the cockatiel is changed after taking training. For more information about cockatiel care visit our website:

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